The Ear and Music: How Hearing Loss Can Impact Experiencing Music

Kristina White, 2nd Grade, Oaklawn Language Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will focus on how the human ear is created during the developmental process and how the hearing mechanisms are used in the hearing process. This unit will also focus on how educators can teach music to students that have hearing loss problems and what kinds of hearing loss devices they might come across or should be familiar with. Students in this unit will be focusing on how the music they listen to should be experienced at a safe level, and what consequences could occur if they were to damage certain structures within the inner, middle, and outer ear. They will focus on the emotional and social impact of having difficulties hearing every day sounds and music. This unit also allows students to be able to create their own hearing mechanisms for individuals that have hearing loss problems. Students will also be creating a hearing loss device that would be appropriate for a famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, who suffered complete hearing loss, but was still able to compose music.