Memoirs of Childhood: How Children Experience War

Luke Rizzoli, English, West Charlotte High

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


“Memoirs of Childhood – How Children Experience War” reviews World War One, World War Two, and the Vietnam War from the perspective of children. The unit goes through three distinct phases with each conflict. First, it outlines details of each conflict. Then, it provides giving a macro-view of children’s experience in each war. Finally, it offers individual childhood perspectives are given from each conflict by using the stories All’s Quiet on the Western Front, A Child of Hitler, and Matterhorn. All three novels are written by people who experienced conflict as children or adolescents. The purpose of the unit is to answer two questions. First, how does the story of war change depending on different perspectives? Secondly, how do children and adolescents experience war and conflict during different periods of time?