Migration Concerns in South Africa: The Search for Local and Regional Solutions

Andrew Bartkowiak, History, Northwest School of the Arts

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit represents a significant addition to the African American Studies curriculum. In this unit, students will analyze push and pull factors of migration and will begin to gain a sense of empathy for the migrant experience, which is important given the increasing globalization of our society as we move forward in the 21st century. Students will then study the history of Apartheid in South Africa comparing this history with the history of the US Civil Rights Movement. Students will then analyze the causes and effects of migration of the peoples of Africa to the country of South Africa, assessing reasons as to why people choose to migrate there. Lastly, students will debate the effectiveness of South African economic, political, and social progress in the post-Apartheid period, and will take informed action, viewing the experiences of South Africans as an opportunity to write to members of Congress about changes that need to take place when it comes to American immigration policy.