Ambassadors Using the Past to Better the Present by Turning Disabilities into Gifts

By: Melinda Brewer, English, Coulwood STEM Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Students will use the novel Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and design a plan to help promote vocational classes in middle school. Students will use Percy as a role model in how having certain learning disabilities can be gifts or advantages. Students will use articles from the UNDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) to identify specific rights that were violated in the novel. This unit will give students a chance to voice their opinions on what can be done to benefit middle school students and provide them an opportunity to venture into trade or vocational opportunities because all students will not venture into the college world. Many of our students with disabilities are great at using their minds, hands, and talents in the business world at an early age, so how can we get our school board to give students in the public-school system early choices in pursuing vocational trades. The students want their rights to a proper education, and they deserve that according to the UNDHR. The ultimate goal is to persuade our county, state, and country that many of our students are being treated unfairly due to what the world calls a disability. Many learning disabilities may actually be gifts that are being hidden in a regular classroom because of the types of skills and knowledge that is privileged Let’s give our children a chance by introducing trade or vocational classes in middle school.