La niñez: A Digital Story About my Childhood

By Christy Calloway, Spanish, North Mecklenburg High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will use writing techniques and activities to teach students how to write cohesively and go through their writing process. Students will learn about memoir through writing exercises, read aloud and making personal connections to create strong, meaningful, writing pieces. We will focus on best practices in writing, research based strategies, conferring, and providing feedback to students throughout the writing process. We will begin with an introduction to writing by creating and using writing prompts and graphic organizers on a regular basis. Students will work on different activities structured around making connections and discovering strong topics to write a story based on their childhood. Students will also learn more about themselves and their lives in the process. As a final activity, they will be able to create a published piece of memoir writing on Storybird to share with others. I plan to teach this unit to a Spanish III class of 22 students, as well as share this unit with colleagues on my grade level. I give permission for the Institute to publish my curriculum unit and synopsis in print and online. I understand that I will be credited as the author of my work.