My Voice in Words – A Memorable Moment Memoir

Priscilla Anderson, English, James Martin Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Introducing My Voice in Words- A Memorable Moment Memoir Curriculum Unit to my scholars will be a beacon of light. I teach middle grades English/Language Arts in a Title 1 school where standardize testing takes precedence over creative learning opportunities. In this curriculum unit, my scholars will learn the skills and process for writing formally and analyzing different pieces of non- fictional text. This unit will give an in depth understanding of how an author’s style of writing and point of view develops and unfolds within a story. Scholars will discover the importance of formal writing and its purpose in writer’s craft while gaining insight to developing their own writing.  Teaching narrative writing through various non-fictional texts will offer scholars insight of how to capture specific events and moments in time.  Building my scholars depth of knowledge pertaining to how an author writes will lead to the development of his or her own unique and different writing style. Infusing writing with literacy has proven to develop a scholar’s knowledge, understanding, analytical and creativity. This in-depth look into memoir writing also exposes scholars to the author’s writing style, perspective and purpose.