My Many Colored Days: Exploring Light, Color and Feelings

Elizabeth Kerr, First Grade, Bain Elementary School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will integrate a study emotions and feelings with a scientific study of light and color.  Students will begin by analyzing the Dr. Seuss story My Many Colored Days, noticing how the emotions in the book are related to colors.  This study will help students to think deeply about how the author used colors to relate to feelings and actions.  Students will then take an in depth look into light, why it is so important and how light can be controlled and diffracted into its component colors.  Students will work with creating shadows, noting objects can be seen only when illuminated.  An investigation will also be planned for students to explore with translucent, transparent and opaque materials.  The cumulative lab activity in this unit will have students planning a way to use prisms to diffract light and then reconstitute diffracted light back into white light.  Students will be using their science notebooks to document their progress with the lab, with a specific focus on using Write to Learn strategies.  These integrated activities may be adapted for later grades.