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Monica High, Science, Cato Middle College High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will focus on how environmental regulations (or lack of regulations) can lead to environmental contamination which may potentially affect the human population through modifications in DNA that impact human health.  In the beginning students will learn about environmental racism and environmental racism.  Using maps, news articles, videos, journal articles and case studies, students will analyze the disparity in the quality of the soil, water and air among different populations.  Students will also learn about various environmental laws and regulations; the history behind them and the effect they have on the environment.  Students will also look at pollution and study how pollution can damage DNA.  Then students will learn about the events that spurred the environmental justice movement in Warren County, NC from the point of view of some of the key players.  In the end, students will create an awareness campaign for an environmental injustice that they have identified.