All Traces Left Behind

Caroline Wallace, Science, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


How can contaminated water affect a natural and human ecosystem over multiple generations?

Students will analyze how the presence of toxic chemicals/heavy metals in water supplies can change an ecosystem over multiple generations with a focus on pollutants from fertilizers. This instruction will then be connected to an exploratory activity that asks students to analyze an urban water crisis and make conclusions about how that will affects humans ingesting the water. Students should be able to conclude that toxins presented to an environment have lasting negative impacts on the flora and fauna of the area over multiple generations. Toxins and chemical pollutants are negative abiotic stimuli plants and animals encounter at disproportionate rates dependent on location. Humans, however, experience disproportionate exposures to harmful chemicals due to socioeconomic and racial inequity, which are correlated in an American context.