I Will Fight For My Rights

Kadijah Ward, Social Studies, Thomasboro Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit will allow second grade students to grapple and explore topics related to what it means to have a quality education. Through a project based learning model students will be introduced to topics such as defining a quality education, the concept of inequity, and access to resources.  Students will explore through a historical, international, language based, and modern day perspective the state of quality education as it has been, is presently, and could be. Students will explore the depth and concept of the right to a quality education and develop critical thinking skills to answer a tough question about their own right to a quality education. Students will be challenged to exercise their rights through creating a project that will be used as an advocacy tool to communicate their beliefs about what quality and equitable education is.  In an ever-evolving, global world this unit is a memorable project that will heighten students’ critical thinking skills to ignite a passion and increase their awareness of the right for equitable education as they progress through their school careers.