Evaluating the Evolution of Oppression of Women in the United States of America through a Literary Lens

Benjamin Lyall, English, North Mecklenburg High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Through the alignment of the Core standard bands for English III as well as
through the scope of American literature, this unit will provide students a means to evaluate the literature surrounding women’s suffrage, treatment, sexual oppression, and liberation throughout American history. Students will follow the Data Based Questioning Model to cipher through texts related to the preceding statement. They will also engage in Paideia seminars to ensure they’re provided ways to have academic conversations. Through the use of these strategies students will then voice their own opinions both before and after the unit to hopefully reflect either a deepening of their ideas or possibly changes from their previous ideologies. The texts chosen will be reflective of history, today’s movements and changes, as well as American literary works that have themes related to women’s treatment. Students will find their ability to analyse, evaluate, and create works during the course of this unit plan will aid in their overall growth in the language arts.