American Revolution: Recognizing The Wilson Way Values in the American Revolution

Pia N. Townes, Social Studies, Wilson STEM Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit hopes to help students identify the Wilson Way Values within themselves, as a part of their school community, and in the American Revolution. As students recognize these values in individuals, groups, events, documents, and or battles, they should be able express how they relate to the values using Quick Writes. At the end of each lesson, students reflect with the following quick write – “Using the values in the Wilson Way Anthem, “Which individual, group, event, document, or battle from this lesson shows a value? Which value? How? And how have you shown this value?” They record this written response in their composition notebook. As they complete daily lessons including readings, art, political cartoons, and primary source documents, students should show understanding of content through formative assessments. Lesson readings have short question and answer sheets while other presentations require student creativity. By acquiring both content knowledge and ownership of values, students are then able to achieve a connection to self, text, and the world.