Creating Human Rights Models with Basic Statistics and Probability

Nathan Golden, Math, Northridge Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit will have students deepen their understanding of human rights, begin to form their own opinions on what rights they value the most, bring coding to life, all while still hitting the appropriate North Carolina 7th grade math standards.  In this unit students will first study basic probability and statistics through a human rights lens.  They will discuss things such as GDP per capita, infant mortality rates, access to clean water and much more.  After students have successfully mastered the content and learned about human rights they will begin their end of unit project.  The end of unit project will require students to choose up to 10 human rights they deem the most important.  Students will then use these human rights to create a statistical model.  Students will then code their model into Python.  Their Python program will allow users to enter data from a variety of countries and output a human rights score from 1-10.  Students can then compare their models and discuss different values and reasons for their different algorithms.