Square One: Establishing Visual Literacy in the Classroom

Justin Pierce, Visual Art, W.A. Hough HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


In this nine-week unit, students will become active participants in building dialogues together around visual literacy while creating visual artworks collaboratively. As a visual class it is essential that the community of the classroom establishes a strong foundation in reading and speaking to the two dimensional image. Through the course of the unit, the students will work through five lessons that build their visual literacy skills while transforming their visual image art making to be purposeful and articulate. Each lesson breaks down the following:
● Lesson #1 / How do we categorize images and begin to understand how they determine how we see?
● Lesson #2 / How are you applying your experience critically, aesthetically, and meaningfully to visual art making?
● Lesson #3 / Planning and research of how to be imitative and work towards becoming transformative.
● Lesson #4 / How do we fabricate and construct intertextual images of our own in a society that constantly judges and perceives through visual communication?
● Lesson #5 / Becoming reflective with video podcasting about how creative decisions were made through creating purposeful, transformative work.