From What I Am to Who I Am: The Journey toward Self Discovery and Personal Aesthetics through Ceramics

Marjorie O’Shea, Visual Art, W.A. Hough HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


The journey in understanding the relationship between personal aesthetics and design is fluid, and begins with introspection and understanding of the self. In this unit of study, ceramics students will cultivate a personal style by delving into their own identity, combined with a critical study of artists’ design aesthetics in ceramic art history.
Big Idea: Why do we make Art? How important is inserting our identity in our artwork?
Guiding Questions: Why do certain artworks appeal to us? How do we as artists develop a style or signature? How do we discover/develop our personal style or aesthetic? How do we insert our “self” into the creative process? In ceramic art history, how do artists use their personal identity in their art expression?