You Must Remember This: Monumental Biographical Studies and Crafting Multimodal Autobiographies

Lecia Shockley, Third Grade, Selwyn ES

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit allows students to explore the narratives behind and the historical information conveyed through selected monuments and memorials (specifically the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC and the Romare Bearden Park here in Charlotte, NC). Students will evaluate what parts of a story are left out of a memorial and consider the difference between being able to tell one’s own story and having your story told by others. Students will evaluate the information found in picture book biographies and compare that material with the messages conveyed through memorials constructed to honor the same individuals. Students will then produce written and memorial artifacts first of classmates, and then of themselves, using techniques reminiscent of Bearden’s collages. Throughout the unit students will participate in academic conversations to practice collaborative communication and practice thinking about the topics and a greater depth. Opportunities to exhibit and orally present work will be provide in multiple formats.