Understanding Science and Its Use in Industrial and Product Design

Curtis Overton, Technology/Design, West Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Units (pdf)


With the growing interest in products and technology, an appreciation for the use of the product, style, function and form can become a more immersive experience with the support of the understanding of how it was made. Students can find a deeper understanding of the importance of science and technology. More often than not you can speculate that our understanding of aesthetic design vs functional design are far apart. By taking part in the design process while using the scientific method, students can gain a deeper appreciation for the scientific field and its contribution to the advancement of technology. Understanding how the world works scientifically will helps them to understand a deeper meaning of the “why” in design. Students can take the sketching practices from art, to brainstorm their ideas, use technology and engineering to design their product in CAD software, print their design out in a 3D printer or milling machine, and reproduce that product through a chemical process by making plastics and creating molds to replicate their results. Students can also use the scientific method to test their products durability, function, and appeal based on their hypothesis and can reflect on the results.