The Sounds of Science

Katrina Gordon, Second Grade, Selwyn ES

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


The intent of my curriculum unit on sound is for students to be able to share their knowledge of science concepts through guiding questions and class discussions. Students will observe, develop their own questions and experiment with more open ended activities as we move through the unit and school year. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the lessons on sound, record their findings and analyze results in their journals. They will perform several experiments on sound that address how sounds travel, pitch, and vibrations. Where possible, they will extend science lab activities to answer their own questions about what would happen if? In the culminating project, students will reflect on the sound concepts learned so far as well as using their knowledge of musical instruments from visiting the music room, in order to create their own musical instrument. The instrument should be able to play at least two different sounds or produce two different pitches. Students will then perform and record their sounds on iPads. Finally they will be able to edit their sound using the Music Memo app. Their reflection of their instruments will demonstrate mastery of all sound concepts learned and give a chance for them to reflect on what they could do differently.