The Chemical Human: Exploring the Effects of Psychopharmacology on the Human Condition

Morgan Andrews, Psychology, W.A. Hough HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit contains information on the ever confusing and complex world of drugs and how they interact within the body. Students will apply psychological principles to drug discovery, development and application. In a society that maintains a “bigger, better faster” mentality, students will be charged with the task of learning how to think critically about the manner in which they choose to respond to adverse situations. The goal of the unit is to educate students on how chemicals interact in the body- specifically within the brain- how those drugs are discovered and the manner in which those drugs are acquired. Students will research common mental health issues related to the high school experience as well as the drugs commonly used and misused by adolescents. The curriculum unit offers a platform for students to create public awareness around the school and community about the importance of mental health and the dangers and effects of drug misuse. Students will also promote a campaign about healthy coping strategies for the teenage plight.