Recognition of the Power of Stereotypical Images of African Americans in Media

Franchone Bey, English, West Charlotte High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will focus on how stereotypes influence society. Students will be able to identify stereotypes in various mediated systems. Through critical analysis of images in the media, students will be able to recognize the power that these images have in shaping perception. Students will also be introduced to how schemas develop as a result of reinforced repetition of stereotypes. Racial stereotyping of African-Americans in the media has a deepr history that is rooted in the desire to suppress the African-American voice. Stereotyping has been used as a weapon by the dominant culture in various forms of media including literature. And the repetition of viewing these negative images have had an impact on society and culture. Students will be introduced to the history of stereotyping African-Americans in film and defining stereotypes. Students will identify stereotypes and then explore the negative effects of racial stereotyping today.