History Repeating Itself: Looking at Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina and What It Means Today

Nicole Boyd, Fifth Grade, Dilworth ES

Curriculum Units (pdf)


Students will explore the concept of history repeating itself through an exploration of African-American history from the mid-nineteenth century until the present. This unit will be delivered after students have read 4th grade novels about the Civil Rights Movement. We will focus on how the repeating pattern from slavery, to the Jim Crow era, to the Civil Rights movement, until today actually just reveals spikes in a history marked by continuous tension. They will look at memorials related to the Civil War in North Carolina. They will use these memorials to explore how the events were remembered in America and how the treatment of these events led to the Civil Rights Movement. We will use picture books to supplement their understanding of the different eras. They will also look at how the memory of both the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement are currently shaping conversations about race in America.