Becoming a Critical Consumer of Media: Developing Media Literacy and the Value of Positive Stereotypes

Marielle Matheus, Third Grade, Irwin Academic Center

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit will focus on teaching media literacy and promoting positive stereotypes in the media they will create. Third grade students are expected to access, analyze, evaluate, and create their own media. Throughout the unit, students will explore various forms of media including, television shows, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, etc. Students will analyze the forms of media objectively and evaluate their messages. Students will learn how to recognize stereotypes that are perpetuated in media. This unit will teach students how to be critical viewers and understand how to digest the media they consume every day. They will also get to develop ways to improve the media or make their own where positive stereotypes are promoted within context. This unit should promote critical thinking skills, challenge students to evaluate media, and to express themselves creatively in producing their own forms of media. Learning media literacy will help them be productive citizen in a digital world full of media messages.