Exploring the Current Concepts of Money

Deborah Yu-Yuk Jung, Media Skills, Winding Springs Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Research shows that lessons on basic personal finance and math are better catalysts for changing the fiscal behavior of students of poverty, more so than traditional lessons on Economics. Budding capitalists need to understand basic economic concepts, so this curriculum unit focuses on the concepts on which entrepreneurship thrives, simple ideas like relationship between supply and demand and compound interest. This curriculum unit supports both Personal Finance and Economics lessons in Grades K-5 homerooms through quick mini-lessons that connect print and electronic resources with social studies lessons presented in homeroom classes. The Kindergarten lessons feature picture books, making connections through the use of realistic fiction and key questions using books that feature approachable characters with real-world problems. Grade1-3 lessons pair picture books with non-fiction titles. Grade 3 lessons are linked to their studies of local culture in another time period, while Grade 4 focuses on personal finance. Gr 3-4 lessons have associated web-based guided-inquiry activities