Capitalism and Entrepreneurs

Anna Currie, Career/Tech Ed, Northwest School of the Arts

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit on capitalism and entrepreneurs offers the eighth grade student in the North Carolina (NC) Career and Technical Education (CTE) Exploring Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship (EBME) course an opportunity to learn the basic tenets of capitalism.  In addition, the unit presents how capitalism renders the entrepreneur opportunities for success in an economy.  Critical thinking will take place in the various activities of this unit.  Students will become more knowledgeable of the concept of capitalism and that different economies affect countries in various ways.  For higher-level thinking, students will compare three different countries, analyze their differences, and make suggestions as to how each country might improve their economic systems.  For enrichment, students will also engage in interactive online games representing the money systems of the past and present.  Ultimately, students will understand the process of how an entrepreneur depends upon a market/capitalist economy for a successful career.