The Legacy of Hispanic Cultures

Lisa Cook, Kindergarten, Berryhill Elementary School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Throughout this unit Kindergarten students will learn about ancient cultures such as Maya, Aztec, as well as modern Mexican culture. Students will learn about the rich histories and contributions of said cultures to our society including communication methods, clothes, games, and food. As we explore individual cultures students will have opportunities to create traditional crafts, and express themselves through writing and dramatic art forms. Students will compare and contrast their culture to the new culture, to identify similarities and differences. The differences will allow students to understand each culture’s uniqueness, and the similarities will enable students to develop connections between their culture and the newly learned culture. Students will assist the teacher in cooking a typical dish for each culture. Then, students will eat and share their favorite part of learning each individual culture. The last lesson in the unit will focus on local Hispanic heroes their respective contributions to our communities and world. The cultural unit will culminate in a Culture Night, where students and their families prepare traditional dishes from their culture to share with the community.