Outliers of Modernity: A Look at the Artists and Art Periods that Shaped Europe’s Modern World

Elizabeth Lasure, Visual Art, Mallard Creek High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


The questions addressed in this unit are designed to expand students’ views
and perceptions of how art is shaped by tradition and change and how art has the power
to shape tradition and change. How are the changes in political and social culture
reflected in the artistic trends of the same period? Are the artists influencing these larger
trends? How much influence did the artists have on the times – or was it the other way
around- how much influence did the times have on the artistic choices? To address these
questions, I will pair specific works of art or artistic movements with cultural icons or
events of the same period. These cultural icons would include composers, playwrights,
and scientists. What relationships, if any, are there between developments in the arts and
the events, circumstances, and experiences of the times in which these works were made?