Energy in Our World

Cindy Woolery, Science, Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

This curriculum unit (CU) will take an in-depth look at the essential standards and the clarifying objectives of Energy in the third, fourth and fifth grade level. After establishing back ground knowledge about Energy, the unit will share how to establish a student centered, learning station based lab that will allow for different learning styles and differential learning to take place.
To make this unit teacher friendly and useful for teachers I will include labs that will be appropriate for each grade level and the standards. I believe this CU will be of benefit to third through fifth grade teachers who are currently struggling with the new science topics (content knowledge) and do not have time to research Energy standards at the other grade levels. This CU will also be a good resource for science lab teachers who wish to take their labs to a new level.
The goal is to make science fun and come alive for students. I want them to be self-directed learners, and this will give them an opportunity to choose different ways to learn about Energy. Students will see practical usage and real world application of the concepts of Energy.