Chemistry of the Human Body

Jennifer Thompson, Science, James Martin Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)      Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

The concepts found in chemistry overlap into every type of science there is. Within our human body chemistry dictates how we breathe, how our body filters waste, how we digest food, and how every other reaction takes place. As students are learning about these topics within the human body they often do not fully understand what is happening within our body systems. They memorize facts that the teacher presents instead of understanding why something reacts as it does. Within this unit students will be introduced to the basic atoms and molecules found in our body. From there, they will learn how molecules are broken down, transported, and excreted from our body. Students will learn these through inquiry based lessons which each consist of a teacher demonstration to promote student engagement and a student laboratory component. Student journaling is also used as a way for students to evaluate their data and observations from each demonstration and lab. This unit was designed for teachers who want to incorporate engaging and inquiry based activities into their science class.