What’s in a Number? Basic Number Bonds and Place Value

Kristin M. Arko, Math, Croft Community School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

Numbers are everywhere around us. As adults we seldom stop to think about what the numbers we see really mean. We instinctively know that if the cost of our groceries is $10.00 we can pay in a variety of ways. As adults this number sense is automatic. For someone learning to count and manipulate numbers this is a concept that is difficult, confusing, and sometimes frustrating. However, this number sense is crucial when building mathematical reasoning and comprehension skills in beginning learners.

The overarching theme of this unit is to give young learners many different ways to manipulate numbers. Through teacher modeling and hands on practice, students work with different quantities and variables to produce a sum. They are also encouraged to explain their thinking to show synthesis of information and drive collaborative conversation with their peers. Building numbers sense through the decomposition of numbers will prepare learners to move on to more complex ideas such as place value, addition, and subtraction. The goal for this unit is to build number sense in order to prepare students and give them the tools to master the complex problems they will encounter later in their academic years.