Your Community: Gender, Race and Putting It All in Place

Erin Pugh, Elementary teacher, Berewick Elementary School

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This curriculum unit is designed for teachers of early age learners (K-2). It integrates Social Studies, Literacy and Math and focuses on exploring tolerance of gender and race. I believe it is imperative to reach out to children and have them embrace the idea that even though we are all different race and genders, we can ALL achieve greatness by breaking down barriers and creating a fair and tolerant environment. The best place to exemplify this is in a classroom. The goal of this curriculum unit is to introduce this idea and impact young learners in such a way that students can carry this idea outside of the classroom.


Teachers of young students may find it difficult to introduce terms such as gender, race, tolerance and community in a way that the students can truly understand and take ownership of these concepts. It is my hope that this curriculum unit can provide teachers with an opportunity to explore these ideas and present them to their students in a familiar way, through the use of children’s books, group work and a culminating art activity that will engage their students and provide them with not only knowledge that everyone is different, but that these differences should not hold them back from fulfilling their dreams!