Voice, Vision and View

Intisar K. Hamidullah, Special Education, Morgan School




Voice, vision, and view are what I want my students to have a better understanding at the completion of this unit. My students will read a diverse amount of memoirs that will give them a slice on how other people live or view their life. A lot of my students have an amazing voice that needs to be heard on paper. Due to some special needs their voice is masked by inappropriate behavior. During this unit students will be asked to think about past places, people and objects they have memories of. Then we will read different mentor text to model various characteristics of memoirs. Reading the mentor text will give students an opportunity to make connections with circumstances the characters face. We will also use mentor text to model how to add figurative language to our written work. This unit is written for any language arts middle school class who wants to use mentor text to transform and appreciate the voice, vision and view of their students.