Students Writing their Future

Emily Joy, Elementary Teacher, David Cox Road Elementary School




My unit will attack the woes that students have toward writing. Through the implementation of a writer’s notebook, music analysis, photography, and a lot of self reflection, students will be empowered to capture the excitement that is woven into writing and the ownership of their ideas and identity. In addition to writer’s notebooks that will be filled with quick writes, free writes, and other responses, my unit will analyze the structure and style of the nonfiction genre regarding autobiographies and biographies. Students will be analyzing various selections under this genre in order to create and discuss each type of text. Student will interview relatives in order to grasp a rich narrative to create a biography. After analyzing autobiographies, students will perform the author’s life through a theatrical presentation with a partner. By studying other’s lives, i.e., their challenges, hopes, and accomplishments, I am hoping students will gain a diverse perspective on people can navigate their life and create the future that they want for themselves. During the culminating activity, students will begin to forge their future through the innovative idea of a Futurology text. This text will become a map or directional guide for the students to use while they write their future. In the end, I am hoping to empower students to take the lead in creating the life they want for themselves and going after it with direction and purpose; all of this transpiring through the powerful art of writing.