An Exploration of Self, a Look into Muslim American Stories

Melissa Pratt, English, North Mecklenburg High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


In this unit, students will create narratives that express and reflect on their personal life experiences. It is the goal of this unit to create an opportunity for students to explore themselves and reflect on the moments that helped shape who they are now. The unit’s anchor texts were written by Muslim Americans, whose unique perspectives help fill the gap between stereotypes and truth. By sharing their stories, the authors challenge readers’ preconceived notions, while simultaneously challenging readers to explore the gaps that their own personal stories fill. This unit aligns with the North Carolina teaching standards for ninth grade English students, as well as the IB MYP program’s 5th year standards. Therefore, the final assessment asks students to express and reflect on something personal and meaningful to them. It is the hope of this unit that through the final assignment, students will think through their own history and become better for it.