A Flow of Glowing Energy

Becky Gregory, Social Studies, Whitewater Middle

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This curriculum unit will connect four North Carolina standards of learning through one idea, fluorescence. Students will investigate fluorescence through matter light and biology units. They will discover that energy will flow through molecules to produce a fluorescence. Students will be able to construct different labs to produce fluorescence. While completing the labs they will be able to explain the standards of learning. Students will be able to make the connections between the different luminescence that we will study throughout this year. They will also be able to understand how each one relates to the other through the same types of molecules. This unit will bring together ideas that many might not see as connected to each other but in reality they can and it is all because of the molecules. Science is also very hands-on with each lesson where a lab potion will be completed. This experience for students will bring them closer to the study of fluorescence and connect them to the world around them.