The Power Behind PowerSchool: Where Privilege Lies

Kimberli Darling, Math, Cochrane Collegiate Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


When white people are afforded opportunities that others are not simply because they were born white, that is known as white privilege.  These opportunities are inherited through white privilege, not earned, thus putting others at a disadvantage.  Such is true in the education system.  The purpose of this unit is not to make the privileged feel ashamed or guilty or to make anyone feel “less than”.  Quite to the contrary, the purpose of this unit is to empower scholars to advocate for themselves by understanding the nuances involved with all of the numbers kept in PowerSchool.  I believe that teaching ninth graders the importance of parental involvement, school attendance, the history of standardized testing, grade point average, as well as how to calculate and track their grade point averages will have an impact on their respective high school experiences to yield a strong, positive correlation.