Epigenetics and Healthy Life Choices

Davisha Covington, K-8, Marie G Davis

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will focus on combining both mathematics and science concepts to study epigenetics. Throughout this unit students will learn about scientific concepts such as DNA, Heredity, Characteristics, Mutations, Epigenetics and Environmental impacts of genes. Students will also learn mathematical concepts such as statistics, probability, likelihoods, statistical inferences and correlations when looking at the scientific datasets. Students will also utilize equations and ratios and proportions. These concepts will be in the form of mini lessons and activities. The final project will require students to create awareness portfolios that will include their research, advertisements, letters to community leaders addressing concerns, a solutions guide and an awareness fair in which people can attend. Student will identify  how environmental changes such as food can cause alterations of genetic information. This project will highlight associations of neighborhood characteristics with the locations of healthy markets, food, gyms and other facilities that promote health and wellness. Students will research “Food Deserts” and apply it to how it is currently having an impact in our community. This unit will allow students to learn about local food deserts and make associations such as access to healthy and affordable food, social disparities, impact on obesity and health risks. In addition, it will contain a community awareness campaign where students will address these challenges with the community along with community leaders.