The Cultural Perspective of Time and the Reader’s Experience: How An Author’s Manipulation of Time Creates Meaning

Susan Hopkins, English, North Mecklenburg High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit explores authors’ uses of the concept of time to communicate a message to the reader. Recognizing how an author introduces and uses the concept of time in a literary text impacts the reader’s understanding; thus, the reader gains a richer discerning meaning. North Carolina mandates that all English II students take the End-of-Course test that includes informational texts, poetry, and fiction. The questions demand students understand how an author develops meaning. This unit has been created to enable students to become more proficient readers in the use of literary devices impacts and to interact more effectively with the text; thus, students will develop a deeper understanding of the text and demonstrate proficiency on the English II EOC. This curricular study will ask students to read texts from various cultures to discern how their own understanding of time interacts with a culture’s view of time and an author’s use of timing effects.