Animals in Hispanic Cultures

LaShondra Graham, Third Grade, Barringer Academic Center

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit contains information about animals in Hispanic cultures. Students will learn about the following animals: coquí, llama, vicuña, jaguar, tocororo, capybara, Darwin’s fox, axolotl, and sloth. Activities in this unit contain opportunities for students to practice their research skills as well as practice with writing and reading comprehension. During their research, students will learn more about the habitats and countries of where each animal lives.  In this unit, students will learn how to search for places using Google Maps. Using Higher Ordered Thinking questions, students will test their comprehension to understand what they are learning. K-W-L charts are used in this unit so students can see how their knowledge has increased. Inferencing is also used in this unit so students can make conclusions based on their observations. At the end of the unit, students will make a brochure about the animal of their choice. This will give students the opportunity to be creative, work in small groups, and use technology for research. Teachers can substitute different animals to reuse this curriculum unit. All of the standards used are aligned to the Common Core Standards.