Using Genetics Data in a Greenhouse Biology Classroom

Adora Reid, Science, South Mecklenburg High School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


The brain is a wonder to many scientists around the world with its complex, yet simple ways to store and retrieve information. For much of a high school student’s career, they cram information into their brain, dump it all out on a test and never retrieve it again. But what if there were a way to design our lessons so that we not only worked with the natural complexity of the brain but found a way to successfully teach our most difficult topics to lower level students? Genetics is a topic that is covered with students in middle school science and in high school biology. The fascination with the human genome and DNA’s ability to provide information about body structure and family history is often difficult for students to understand. This curriculum unit will be a framework for providing students with data and information that builds on how they learn and how they need to digest information. The information in this unit will not only benefit the students, but will give teachers a guideline from which to teach and help students discover the miracle of genetics.