Fundamentals of Mathematics: How Do Numbers Make Sense?

Lisa Clark Ashworth, Fifth Grade, Barringer Academic Center

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This unit will be conducted with a mixed group of fourth and fifth grade students in a math class of seventeen students who are operating at two or more grade levels above fifth grade in their math activities. These students will learn many of their math concepts through inquiry-based activities in the classroom.  They will gain a better understanding of the why and how math concepts have evolved and how they work in their everyday lives. The students will combine their current classwork of Pearson’s Connected Mathematics Grade 7 with new games and activities that correlate with the Math Common Core Standards for grades 6-8.  This majority of this unit will take place over the first nine weeks of the school year; however, some of the competition activities will take place over a period of five months in the school year. The main purpose of this unit is to provide activities for students that provide a basic understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics as they connect to pre-algebra concepts.