It Takes a Nation: Forming and Informing School Identity through Media

Michele Lemere, English, Garinger High School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This curriculum unit takes the ideas of nation and nationalism and applies them to a school campus. Schools, like nations, have boundaries, leaders, history, traditions and unique identities and cultures that most students would not typically stop to consider. This unit encourages students, especially at schools eager to identify or create a collective identity, to closely examine and scrutinize the forces behind their school’s own political and cultural system, a system they experience daily. Students will study the factors that contribute to nation formation through global and local examples. They will consider the role media play in informing and reinforcing the identity of their school as well as historical, economic, political and cultural factors. Through a campaign combining research and activism, they will conduct interviews and create written, image-based and video stories to report on their findings and invent new ways to build a positive collective identity on campus.