Exercise to Learn, Learn to Exercise!

DeNise Gerst, Elementary Science, Barringer Academic Center

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


The benefits of exercise have been known for some time.  It is not enough to know that exercise is beneficial.  Knowing why it is beneficial is most important.  It is never too early to begin building a life of healthy habits and exercise. Children should be encouraged to begin healthy habits as soon as possible. As they grow older, these healthy habits will be a part of their lifestyle. Beginning healthy habits early can help cut down on the possibility of disease and other health challenges as they grow older.  This unit will focus on integrating exercise with the curriculum in order to encourage students to move more. The activities presented give teachers a practical way to incorporate movement into their classroom.

[BL1]This synopsis describes the rationale but does not give a sense of what you are planning to do in your classroom.  If possible add a few sentences that summarize what you will do in your classroom with your students…..