Multiculturalism Through a Child’s Eyes

Danielle Gregory, Fifth Grade, Albemarle Road Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


This curriculum unit is a collaboration of both storytelling and photography. My overall
goal was to allow my students to express themselves in a way in which would be
expected by their peers. Photography and technology gave my students the voice that
they so rightfully deserved. The subject matter was applicable to my group of students
and may seem blunt to some other educators, however it is with passion that we tell our
own stories. What better way to teach than by using background knowledge and
understanding to form a foundation for great quality learning and experience, and to use
that passion of our past, present, and future to tell an amazing story. It was through this
photography and writing lesson, that my students were able to come to terms with the
transitions they have all made in America, at home, and in the classroom.