Metamorphosis: Transformative Experiences Understanding the Scientific Process through a Study of Plants and Animals: How Biotic and Abiotic Factors Affect Change!

Julie Ruziska Tiddy, Science, Carmel Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


Metamorphosis is the experience of change or alteration of one’s original
being and design. During this unit students will investigate the Scientific Process through
a study of biotic and abiotic factors and how they affect change within their environment.
Students will manipulate variables to affect the growth of land based and aquatic plants.
Students will apply this research to a study of caterpillars and bivalve organisms and how
the metamorphosis of each is affected by its environment. Students will work with their
learning team to design and perform independent investigations to test a hypothesis about
their chosen organism. Students will design a digital presentation and share their
research and conclusions with the class.