Creative Change and Metamorphosis in Visual Arts: The Altered Book/Journal

Maebeth Hill, Visual Art, North Mecklenburg High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


Journaling and the Altered book is a large, overarching topic, one that I do not
plan on teaching in a sequential “unit” but rather over a two-year period as a component
for my IB Diploma Years curriculum. This curriculum unit divides the major topics of
the altered book process into smaller lesson units, which will cover history, technique and
student research. The original idea of the metamorphosis of the book is to weave the
information regarding various approaches and techniques in the changing (alteration) of
the book into a personal sketchbook archive of ideas, techniques and reflection in respect
to the Research Work Book (RWB) requirement of the IB Visual Art Diploma Years
course. This curriculum will be interwoven into various assignments throughout a twoyear
period (the students’ junior and senior years). This curriculum unit includes
background knowledge on the Design Cycle and the continued assessment, evaluation,
and reflection as proposed in the IB standards. Also included are technical
demonstrations regarding art techniques utilized in altering the book and developing
ideas and sketches for final art projects as required in the course. Upon completion of the
altered book students will have a working sketchbook of ideas, processes, and reflection.