Metamorphosis Models in Mathematics

Rima Solh, Mathematics, Eastway Middle School

FInal Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


This unit integrates science and math for best practices. It can be used for teaching statistics with algebraic models of metamorphosis for all middle-grades mathematics. In Grade 6, students will be able to develop a deeper understanding of variability and more precise descriptions of data distributions; in Grade 7, students should be able to transition to production of data and creating a good plan to produce a relevant data base. In Grade 8 proper and successful interpretation of the data is the major skill. Math teachers will be able to adjust the activities according to the grade level without difficulty.
Metamorphosis is the theme of this unit, and I have a feeling at the end, my mind will metamorphose to an extensive and sophisticated stage of knowledge. Joining Charlotte Teachers Institute has been the most outstanding professional development I have had in my 11 years of teaching. My goal is to present this unit as impeccably as possible. However, my challenge is to interpret and picture all the knowledge and experiences I have had with these seminars meticulously.