Humanity’s Attempt to Create Public Policies to Monitor Advancements in Artificial Intelligence Design

Angela Bates, American History, Cato Middle College High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


This unit examines the historical impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) advancements from Turing’s “Imitation Game” through today’s AI achievements, such as Google’s self-driving car. Students will research how AI advancements have impacted the advancement of the American dream by developing their own poll. They will chart their poll findings. In mixed ability groups, they will create a movie that chronologically displays achievements in AI research. For this unit’s capstone, students will write their own public policy for AI regulation and present their policy for discussion at a fictional AI conference (aka the teacher’s classroom). Students will gain knowledge on the following research concepts: 1) How do intelligence and artificial intelligence compare/contrast? 2) What are the historical achievements in the field of artificial intelligence? 3) How has AI impacted the growth of the American dream? 4) Is it plausible for AI to become self-sustaining and human like? If so, when do computer scientists suggest that this might this occur and what are the ramifications when it does occur? 5) How should we regulate the use of AI in American society, if at all?