Hosiery: Function, Fashion, and Patriotism Collide with Science

Wendy Potter, Apparel & Design, David W. Butler High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


Hosiery, a leading industry in fashion for years, not only lends itself to
fashionable choices for the consumer, but also practical choices for all walks of life. Be it
military, post-surgery patient, diabetic, athlete, businessman, or fashion conscious
student, hosiery fits into everyone’s life. Having been around for centuries, hosiery
continues to improve our quality of life as a result of chemical engineering. This
curriculum unit takes a panoramic view of the history of hosiery. Students will be
challenged to investigate apparel from various centuries as it relates to hosiery as well as
discuss topics such as modesty, science history, culture, war, and gender issues. While
this curriculum was designed to fit into Apparel and Textile Production I and II Essential
Standards, parts of it will complement other subjects. Common core standards in writing,
literacy, and math are addressed, while also giving the student a rich history in an area of
fashion that is often overlooked. Use of current technology is encouraged throughout the
curriculum, but can be modified with consideration to technology limitations and
accessibility. Upon completing components of the curriculum unit, the student will have
an interdisciplinary view of hosiery, necessary for career exploration in the apparel