The Impact of our Energy Choices

Christopher Herman, Science, West Mecklenburg High School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

Children and adults are becoming more and more dependent on all forms of technology, such as tablets, smart phones, and gaming systems. Most individuals do not think about the electricity that charges the batteries on their devices, or the environmental impact that went into creating the electricity for the charge. This unit will support students understanding of The Environmental Impact of our Energy Choices. There is an increased pressure to incorporate technology and this unit is a great resource for teachers to bring technology to the classroom. To fulfill that demand students will create a research project that includes a PowerPoint presentation on an energy source. The purpose of this unit is to have students become informed about energy and to describe an energy source in great detail. My teaching philosophy is to enlighten students about the world around them and to help students become career and college ready. I believe that a lack of knowledge on energy is one of the main issues facing our society today. Since energy has an economic, political, and environmental effect on our society, it is important to educate students on energy. Understanding the concepts of energy and the impact our energy choices have on our everyday life will help students have a greater appreciation of the energy they use. This unit will focus on giving the students a better understanding of energy by looking at different energy sources.I plan to teach this unit during the coming year in to 17 students in CTE- Scientific Visualization with students ranging from 9-12th grade.