The Rebirth of African Americans

Nicki Kincaid, US History, English Language Arts, Bailey Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

This unit is a journey from the south to the north for African Americans.  Within this unit students will explore what it took for African Americans to create a new life for themselves and future generations.  The unit focuses on the people who shaped the Harlem Renaissance, and how their travels north helped develop their sense of self.  The Great Migration took place from 1916 through 1970, this unit focuses on the time period of the Harlem Renaissance from the 20’s-30’s. Harlem held hope for many African Americans, this unit centers on several individuals that shaped the rebirth of Africans in America.  Surrounded by new music, great writers, beautiful artists, and hard workers the era of Jim Crow proves to be a large glitch in the development of African Americans.  This unit shows the struggles of African Americans to create a free life in America.